Tagme series consists of 200 vocabulary cards to help properly children practicing language, such as reading, writing and speaking. Plus, it is very effective for learning

multilingual languages. Scanning the cards with mobile devices gets

children AR experience. No mobile device? Don't worry. Tagme video pen's here. 
Scanned cards show up to the video pen directly, so children have no time to be bored.

Language support (16 Languages)




BOOK+APP, augmented reality storybook series, blows your kid’s mind and let them see imagination in the real world. Our books merge traditional text with digital content using a piece of technology. Each page of the book series or picture-word cards springs to life with 2D animation when viewed with a portable computing device (smartphone, tablet or gaming console). 


Who says reading paper books is old-fashion? Perhaps it was, but not anymore. We introduce BOOK+APP now. It represents Augmented Reality (AR) technology that leads in overall digital education and virtualization for children by creating a new playground with smartphones and paper books. 


Lightning Fast Recognition

Less than a Second  


Ed Tech

Maximizes the Positive

Effects of Education  


AR storytelling scanning book to ease implementation globally